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About Me

I am a Certified Holistic (Ayurveda) Nutrition and Wellness Coach, accredited by the AADP, with a focus on mind-body-spirit well-being. I completed my training (150 hour Ayurvedic Nutrition Certification Program) in the time-honored science of Ayurveda under a renowned Ayurvedacharya learning about the health issues faced in the US and India. In addition, I have studied at the reputed Institute of Integrative Integration, where I was trained in more than 100 dietary theories and a variety of lifestyle coaching methods.

My knowledge in spiritual healing has been gained by learning directly from an enlightened Guru and exploring various spiritual/energy healing modalities like Reiki, Chakra Healing, Crystal Therapy, Pranic Healing and Violet Flame Healing. During my growing years in India, I received practical experience in Indian cooking and the healing benefits of spices. 

As an Ayurvedic Health and Spiritual Healing Coach, I put the power back in your hands. I am honored to be part of your spiritual healing and transformation process - a signpost in your path to connecting with your "I AM" - the most important journey in life!

Learn more about my training and my unique holistic approach to health coaching.


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