Live naturally – reduce stress and heal with Vedic Synergy!

My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected from a spiritual perspective.

Ayurveda, a 5000 year old science from India (from the Vedic times), is based on the concept of the five natural elements - earth (Prithvi), water (Jala), fire (Agni). air (Vayu) and space (Akash), that compose the Universe, including the human body to form the primary and secondary doshas (specific constitution) - Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. Based on the your unique constitution, I will support your journey to achieve optimal health and well-being, remove any imbalances (Vikruti) through lifestyle changes around nutrition, meditation, yoga, energy and spiritual healing methods to bring about a mind-body-spirit transformation. 

The services offered at Vedic Synergy are:
  • Ayurveda Nutrition and Wellness
  • Chakra Healing
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Therapy
  • General and Vedic Spiritual Healing
  • Violet Flame Healing
  • Pranic Healing (Energy cleansing)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (to heal addictions)
Please review the Health Coaching page for the different packages available. I appreciate your choosing the services of Vedic Synergy and am humbly honored to be part of your Wellness Journey!

Integrative Nutrition® Plate

The Integrative Nutrition Plate emphasizes the importance of local and organic produce, whole grains, high-quality proteins, plant-based fats, and water. It shows you how a plate should appear at mealtime and emphasizes the importance of proportions and portion size. To complete the picture, the plate is surrounded with lifestyle factors that create optimal health: relationship, career, physical activity and spirituality. I’ll introduce you to some of the healthiest foods on the planet and teach you how to find what’s healthiest for your unique body!


The concept of bio-individuality is the idea that each of us has unique food and lifestyle needs. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s why fad diets tend to fail in the long run. Working on the principle of bio-individuality, I’ll support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and ancestral background.

Deconstructing Cravings

Cravings play a critical role in understanding what your body needs and shouldn’t be ignored. When you learn how to deconstruct your cravings and understand what they’re really telling you, you will be able to reclaim a sense of balance and harmony.
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